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Our Business

Hoyo General Aviation


In business flying area, our service including:
Industry flight
Using the advantages of helicopter operations, we offer a variety of industrial expertise including high voltage line patrol, highway patrol, large engineering equipment lifting, air command and other air services.

Agricultural production:  

Science laboratory: In the Science field, we can offer assistance to colleges, universities and research institutes who are conducting field surveys, scientific exploration, meteorological observations, soil erosion monitoring and geodetic surveys.

Aerial photography:
With the ease of maneuverability of the helicopter, can provide a wide range of possibilities for aerial photography. This may be used in a wide variety of industries including movies, television, advertising, geological landscape photography, perturbation surveillance systems, celebration activities, urban planning, foreign investment procurement, brochures, etc.

Aerial advertising:
In certain circumstances helicopters can be an excellent tool for advertising purposes. We can help provide advertising solutions to showcase your company, product or event.

Air Travel:
We can offer a variety of rapid solutions for air travel in inner cities or over difficult terrain and also offer scenic flights to showcase the beauty of an area from a unique angle for the tourism industry.

General Aviation Service
We can offer a complete package for high-end customized flight service, from aircraft sales and leasing, operation and maintenance, pilots, cabin service, support crew services, flight training, navigation services, etc.