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Project Operation

A joint technology and production cooperation with both risk and profit sharing.

KOC Model:

   The Hoyo Group becomes a shareholder by introducing new technology into a venture and is responsible for the new project techniques. That is, the Hoyo Group is responsible for turning the technology into products as the guarantee, assuming all technical risk. The partner will be responsible for funding, production and distribution.

Operating Period:

   The operating period of this model shall depend on the specific project and agreement between all cooperating parties.


   Each party utilizes their own strengths, expertise and safety procedures.


   The company that is the project owner shall use their own decision making for management and operation of the project.

   Hoyo is responsible for providing comprehensive technology and any subsequent technology research and implementation.

To ensure efficient production capacity and high standard of management services.

Applicable Project:

   Examples of applicable projects, Hoyo low carbon pre-cast alliance, highway crash safety barrier system, new road materials, energy saving houses, thermal conductivity resistant doors and windows, sewage sludge recycling systems, water purification, waste recycling, etc.