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Urban Infrastructure

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Name of position:

Engineering (Sewage Sludge Treatment)

(1)Strictly abide by the various rules and regulations and conscientiously implement the operation procedures;

    (2)Ensure the normal operation of the sludge treatment equipment;

    (3)Deal with excess sludge and keep the sludge reactor clean and tidy;

    (4)Ensure backwash the water extractor after the machine stops working;

    (5)Be responsible for equipment maintenance;

    (6)Be responsible for making records of sludge disposal;


    (1)The applicant should have a bachelor degree in environmental engineering or above;

    (2)Display the ability of planning and execution;

    (3)Be familiar with basic mechanical operation and sludge treatment process;

    (4)Relevant working experience is preferred.

Name of position:

Equipment & Operation Director (Sewage Water Treatment)

     (1)Be responsible for the operation of the sewage water treatment;

     (2)Be responsible to make a monthly work plan;

     (3)Be responsible for the adjustment of the production plan;

     (4)Be responsible to make the process flow, etc;

     (5)Be responsible for the process parameters and operation plan issued;

     (6)Be responsible to make a production and business operation monthly report; 

     (7)Be responsible for the management & operation of all equipment; 

     (8)Be responsible for electrical equipment maintenance and dust removal work.


     (1)The applicant should a bachelor degree in environmental engineering or above;

     (2)Be familiar with the process of sewage treatment;          
     (3)With more than 5 years working experience in wastewater treatment,Technology and at least 3 years experience in senior management;         
     (4)The applicant should be able to demonstrate independent leadership and organizational skills and have the ability to solve various problems during 
              working hours.                

Low Carbon-Alliance

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Name of position:

Market Development Commissioner


    (1)Analyse market conditions and make the right market sales forecasts;

    (2)Formulate annual sales plan and annual budget;

    (3)To monitor sales channels and optimise sales channels;

    (4)Familiar with the energy-saving Windows and doors and fabrication related product knowledge;

    (5)Participate in the sales negotiation, signing the sales contract;   
    (6)Organize to establish customer files.


    (1)The applicant should have a college graduate degree in marketing or above;
    (2)Good at communication and have a strong sense of sales;

    (3)With the ability of planning and execution;
    (4)Familiarity with energy-saving Windows and doors and the pre-cast industry is preferred.