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About HOYO69



Nanjing Hoyo Municipal Utilities Investment Administration Group specializes in low carbon, sustainable, intelligent construction and operation of municipal infrastructure. This includesthe planning, design, financing, construction, operation, management, consulting and other integrated and systematic embodiments for the city management.

The fundamental concept of Hoyo was to take a holistic approach to urban planning, taking into consideration the market economy. This consists of the integration of pre-construction planning, the construction phase, management, scientific investment and endeavoring to avoid construction waste brought together into a sustainable operational repertoire. 

In 2004, China’s ‘Intelligent Common Ducting System’ was created by Hoyo in Jiamusi, which provided the solution for continuous interruptions as companies individually conductedmaintenance on their ownutility systems, the ‘zipper road’effect.
The birth of the ‘Hoyo Municipal Telecommunication Network’ in the Nanjing Xianlin new district was thepioneer project that led to private capital being allowed in the construction and maintenance of public municipal construction projects.

After nearly ten years of market exploration and practice, TheHoyo Group operates many BOT, BT and TK urban territory projects in the fields of waste water treatment plants, sludge treatment, waste incineration, thermal exchange and other BOT or JV projects in Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanxi and Heilongjiang Provinces.

With the rapid development of urbanization, the shortage of the world’s resources, the degradation of the environment and the challenge of natural disasters, The Hoyo Group is willing to use many years of market experience, scientific project implementation processes and extensive industry resources to cooperate with our partners to achieve solutions in the arenas of low carbon solutions and alliances, sustainable development for pipeline construction, infrastructure, general aviation, agricultural machinery and other fields. 

A visionary attitude and scientific innovation has laid an industry position and development foundation for The Hoyo Group, that has these achievements:

◆ Developed China’s‘municipal pipe gallery’ design and set the benchmark for future construction projects.
◆Chinese Ministry of Construction issued a certificate‘scientific and technological achievements to asses other companies projects'.

◆ Obtained patents for the municipal pipe gallery and copyright protection for the intelligent robot system.

◆  Built and operates the 40,000km pan China fibre trunk network.

◆Acquire BOT, BT and TK waste water treatment plants and BOT sludge treatment plants in Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Heilongjiang Provinces and several cities.

Our main business:

Pipeline construction: Hoyo Intelligent Common Ducting System (Hoyo ICDS); Hoyo Municipal Telecommunication Cable Network and the Sewage Pipe Network.

Urban Infrastructure: Urban sewage treatment; Urban sludge treatment; Water recycling system; Waste incineration and heat energy conversion.

Low Carbon Alliance: Prefabricated ICDS; Safety barrier system; Energy-saving doors and Windows; prefabricated building.

General Aviation:Urban emergency rescue; Disaster relief; Airambulances; Aircraft leasing; Business service; Pilot training.

Agricultural Machinery: Production and sales of agricultural machinery tractors (the HOYO30、HOYO50、HOYO90、HOYO120 have been approved for the Emark standard of EU); Production and sales of agricultural solar insecticidal lamp.

“As powerful as the Eagle hovering in the vast sky; As influential as the Crane Bird howling through the channel of time”. The yesterdays of Hoyo makes us know that only through cooperation can we achieve a win-win situation for all parties. The Hoyo Group would like to shape the future with partners that share the same strategic vision.