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Kazuo County Government and the Nanjing Hoyo Group signed the investment cooperation agreement and visited Hoyo Kazuo branch for research and guidance

Time:2019:12:05 14:43:11 Copyfrom:Local

From October 28th - 31st, 2019, a meeting of agricultural products exhibition and investment promotion was held in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province on the first floor of Beijing Shounong entrepreneurship and innovation center building.

The meeting invited leaders from relevant departments, associations and Chambers of Commerce of the state, Beijing and Liaoning Province, as well as representatives of foreign enterprises, e-commerce, purchasers and dealers, totaling more than 1,000 people.

Nanjing Hoyo Group members with Kazuo county magistrate Liu Jinghua and vice county magistrate Liang Kai introduced the project to the Chaoyang city mayor. We have already established Kazuo branch, and plans to attract foreign investment to establish (plant growth, soil improvement, enzyme production and bottling factory) four manufacturing plants, all technical support from Hoyopure, the new joint venture partner in New Zealand. Product advantage is 100% ecological environmental protection, pollution-free, aimed at improving agricultural output and cleaning the natural environment, in order to achieve scientific ecological development concept.



Xie weidong, mayor of Chaoyang City, and the leaders of the  governments welcomed the investment and development of Nanjing Hoyo Group and New Zealand Hoyopure to Kazuo county, they will give strong support to the project.

On October 30th, members of Nanjing Hoyo group went to Beijing to attend Chaoyang agricultural products (Beijing) exhibition and investment promotion meeting.

Yin Qijue, on behalf of Nanjing Hoyo group and New Zealand Hoyopure, signed the cooperation agreement with the Kazuo government in the presence of the party committee, county government officials and media.

At the signing ceremony, Liu jinghua, head of Kazuo, offered congratulations on the signing of the project and introduced the relevant situation and investment environment of Kazuo county.

He said that relevant departments will provide good services for the investment enterprises, help them solve practical difficulties and problems, and fully support the smooth implementation of the project. Meanwhile, he hoped that the two sides can cooperate sincerely to speed up the progress of the project, promote the project to start construction, put into production and achieve results as soon as possible, so that both sides can achieve a win-win situation.


        (Signing ceremony site)

  As a traditional agricultural county, agriculture plays a pivotal role in Kazuo County. In order to promote the industrialization and technicalisation of agriculture in Kazuo County and the construction of "national agricultural sustainable development pilot demonstration zone", together to visit the Nanjing Hoyo group Kazuo branch for research and guidance.


We introduced Hoyopure's products in agriculture, animal husbandry, industrial cleaning and other aspects in detail to the leaders of Kazuo County government.

We also mentioned that in order to better carry out mass education activities, Nanjing Hoyo Group together with Hoyopure technical expert Mike go to local farmers' homes to conduct plant growth product testing and technical guidance, providing technical support for agricultural development. At present, the product testing feedback report results are very good. 

After a comprehensive understanding of the products and testing conditions, Liu jinghua, head of Kazuo county , and Liang Kai, deputy head of Kazuo county , gave full recognition to the work of Nanjing Hoyo Kazuo branch, and requested that continued technical guidance and consulting services for the agricultural demonstration locations be provided according to the requirements of the various agricultural projects.